Venture Network has groups across Dublin. You can view the details of each group by clicking on an icon in the map or by clicking directly on a group in the list to the right.

Q. Who would I meet at a Venture Meeting?
You will be welcomed by business owners & managers from your area who have found a more dynamic and professional approach to growing their business through Networking.

Q. What business areas are represented?
All members of Venture Business Network are B2B entrepreneurs and corporate professionals ranging across multiple sectors including Banking, Marketing, IT, HR. A list of member information is available on this website.

Q. Do I have come up with referrals every week?
We have developed a new approach, unlike other networks Venture does not require members to deliver a weekly quota of leads, which can often result in referrals of little or no real substance.

Q. How do I get business referrals for my business?
Our primary focus at Venture is to establish long term business relationships among members, based on trust and confidence. These relationships promote and produce real opportunities which ultimately translate to repeat direct and referred business transactions.

Q. What makes Venture different to the traditional Networking format?
In contrast to standard networking models, Venture Business Network has developed and integrated a number of key business development strategies, these include:

A) We take the pressure out of the equation as our focus is not on leads but on developing long-term business relationships. B) Our members are primarily B2B companies which tend to deliver opportunities of significant substance. C) We work with you to identify a range of specific ‘ideal client profiles’ for your business. D) Our goal is to ‘CONNECT’ your business with as many potential ‘ideal clients’ as we can. E) We give you more control over the specific client introductions that you receive through our proactive ‘introduction request process. This combination empowers our members to generate real and sustainable business opportunities.

Q. How do I get results?
Venture’s proactive approach to business networking does not leave the introduction of opportunities to chance. Our unique ‘TOP 5’ introduction request system ensures that you target specific companies and business categories that can produce the most effective results for your business.

Q. How does the Top 5 work?
Each member produces their own list of 5 companies, individuals or organisations that they have identified as ideal business clients. Members of each network group then pool resources and collectively work to make these connections. This process is at the heart of the Venture networking model and is the real key to the level of success being achieved by our members in their business growth.

Q. What should I to expect at a Venture Meeting?
Our meeting agendas are designed to encourage and facilitate opportunities without placing pressure on members to produce leads and referrals, meetings are structured to be both interactive and pro-active. This approach and environment has proven to be the most effective in achieving real results for our members.

Q. How often does Venture meet?
Venture Network Groups meet on a weekly basis, both morning and evening groups are available.

Q. How many people attend Venture meetings?
Each network group grows to a max of 30 members. Weekly meetings are typically attended by approximately 20-25 members and guests are always welcome.

Q. How long do Venture meetings last?
Each meeting lasts 90 minutes, with the inclusion of a coffee break mid-way. In addition to meeting with members both before and after group meetings, our members utilize the mid-meeting break to follow up on opportunities.

Q. What is a typical Venture meeting Agenda?
A typical evening meeting agenda would be as follows;

5.30 - 5.40 Member & Guest introduction
5.40 - 6.00 Member or Guest presentation
6.00 - 6.15 Business Successes & Opportunities
6.15 - 6.30 Coffee - Networking Break
6.30 - 6.50 TOP 5 Introduction Requests
6.50 - 7.00 Action Items & AOB

Q. Are there any additional Benefits?
A proven advantage to our members is the availability of a range of professionals who can offer advice and support in their areas of expertise, thus providing what we describe as an objective ‘Board of Directors’. Venture Business network has also developed alliances with a number of associations such as local Chambers and ISME. We regularly engage and network with these organisations. In addition to this, Venture hosts a number of business and social networking event throughout the year which are often subsidised by the Network. Our members have access to professional speakers that can assist in developing and delivering clear presentations. We assist our members in developing a clearer definition of their ‘ideal client profiles’ which enables our members to be more effective in their approach to networking.

Q. Are there any restrictions regarding membership of other networks?
At Venture we recognise the value of a structured and strategic approach to business networking. We do not believe that companies should be restricted from joining other networks. We encourage our members to avail of all networking opportunities that can benefit their business; therefore members are not restricted from joining multiple Venture network groups, or joining other networks. To maximize the value experienced by each member, Venture encourages and facilitates inter-group networking. Each quarter, a networking event is hosted to enable members of all groups to meet and Connect.
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