How We Work

Venture Network Groups have morning meetings on a weekly basis,  (find your ideal group by visiting our Network Groups page).

Meetings are typically attended by 20-25 members and guests are always welcome. Each meeting lasts 90 minutes, with the inclusion of a 15 minute break mid-way. Our members utilize the 15 minute mid meeting break to follow up on opportunities, in addition to meeting with members both before and after group meetings.

What To Expect At A Venture Meeting:

Our meeting agendas are designed to encourage and facilitate opportunities without placing pressure on members to produce leads and referrals. At Venture meetings you will see that the structure is designed with an interactive and pro-active emphasis. Having tried and tested many formulas over the years, it is this approach and environment that has proven to be the most effective in achieving real results for our members.

The Venture Difference:

There are 5 key reasons why the Venture Business Network delivers tangible results for business owners where other networks can't:

Top 5

The Venture Business Network is not a referral network, but rather a Connections network. This is achieved through our unique 'Top 5' connections targeting system.

Each member produces their own list of 5 companies, individuals or organisations that they have identified as ideal business clients. Members of each network group then pool resources and collectively work to make these connections. This process is at the heart of the Venture networking model and is the real key to the level of success being achieved by our members in their business growth, with an average group achieving 40%+ conversion rate from introduction made to business done.

Business 2 Business

Venture Business Network is a B2B organisation aimed at connecting business owners with other business owners and in so doing creating high-value and quality long-term relationships. You network with people who understand your aspirations and challenges, so the connection is that much easier. Ultimately, you meet with the key contacts that you want to do business with and who can open doors to many other key contacts that you can do business with.

Board of Directors

The members of every group add their diverse knowledge and skills in helping you to be successful. You may want to discuss an opportunity with one person or the whole group, or you might want to outline a challenge you are facing and get honest feedback as to the approach that your fellow members would take to resolve the issue. Either way, Venture Business Network provides your very own 'Board Of Directors' to help you make the right decisions every time.

Network of Networks

With Venture Business Network you are not limited to one group, but rather you have access to the hundreds of other members across the network to maximise your connection opportunities. Visit other groups and make the connections you need to target new customer sectors or geographical locations, form partnerships that would otherwise not be possible, or simply be inspired by the approaches and methods used by other members to maximise their return.

Business Relationship Building

Venture Business Network is not simply a forum for you to sell your services or products to other members or their contacts. It also provides the platform to allow you to enrich your own business by creating long-term and meaningful business partnerships. These have helped many of our members to significantly expand their capabilities and their revenue opportunities.

Visit A Group Or Join Now:

If you want to experience the Venture Business Network for yourself, simply visit our Registration page where you can provide your details and a member of our team will arrange for you to guest at the next available meeting.

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