"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success"

Henry Ford, Founder Ford Motor Company


We begin our meeting with a quick introduction around the room.


As a visitor, you will also be invited to introduce yourself and your business and to fully partake in the meeting.


Typically, our members are the primary decision makers and leaders within their own business. They are well connected within their business sectors and can therefore make effective introductions for their fellow Venture members.


The level of trust established between members facilitates open discussion and brainstorming around current challenges and opportunities. The value and potential of this teamwork is powerful and provides Venture members with a competitive edge; this is one of the key reasons that members continue to retain their membership year-on-year.


Who’s in the room ?


At each meeting, we allocate a presentation slot for an individual member so that he/she may draw the focus and attention of the group to their business. The purpose of this presentation is for us to gain a deeper understanding of that member’s business and their ideal customers.


The weekly presenter is usually a member of that Venture group but may also be a member from the wider network. From time to time, we invite keynote speakers or host workshops that are of benefit to the network. We often co-host these events with Dublin based multinationals such as Google, LinkedIn, & Microsoft.


Weekly Presentation - Member Spotlight



The key ‘Measures of Success’ within Venture are the number of introductions made to new potential customers, the number of new customers secured and the levels of repeat business.


The ‘Successes and Opportunities’ section of the meeting is where we share, record and celebrate the wins and opportunities that members have generated for each other, since the previous meeting.


Typically, 40% of all introductions effected by Venture members, convert into new customers resulting in €millions of business every year, shared within the group.


Successes & Opportunities

We connect Businesses

The Venture Top5

System in action

Our Top5 is an online & offline system that allows members seek and gain introductions to the the most relevant businesses and potential customers they want to connect with.


Unique to Venture, the Top5 System was created and developed in 2007. It is the most effective and pro-active approach to business development within professional business networking and meets with exceptional results. It is a key cornerstone to any Venture network meeting.


Building solid relationships within the group is valuable. One-to-one meetings are the way to deepen the connection with fellow Venture members. Through these meetings, members gain a deeper understanding of each other’s markets, opportunities, challenges, who their ideal customers are and ultimately how they can better help one another to build stronger businesses.


One-to-One Meetings

Adventures in Venture

Venture isn’t just about working hard. We also enjoy exciting challenges outside of the world of commerce. In addition to social get-togethers, each year we nominate a charity and run a variety of events in support. These events have included: casino nights, hiking in Wicklow and golf. Some of our activities together, have been pretty exhilarating such as sky-diving and adventure trips abroad. Some of our members have even climbed Kilimanjaro together. All in the spirit of AdVenture.

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Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.


Henry Ford, Founder Ford Motor Company