"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success"

Henry Ford, Founder Ford Motor Company

What people are saying about Venture.

Venture has been our No. 1 source of new business over the last 7 years.


Over the 7 years of Venture membership I have received referrals which have generated 27 residential property listings. Of these 15 were direct referrals and 12 were follow on referrals from happy clients.


Phil Thompson

Senior Negotiator

Lalor Estate Agents

Our business has generated in excess of €1 million of revenue via the Venture Network.


Venture has opened doors that we would have never been able to open due to the large network of people within the multiple Venture groups. For me the people are what make it, they have become friends, colleagues and unpaid Sales staff. The access to Market intelligence, skills and knowledge across the groups is unparalleled.'


Jason McLaughlin


Ortus IT & Cloud Solutions

Venture offers my company a support network of like-minded business owners.


I’ve been a Venture member since 2012 and it has been hugely beneficial in generating new business. Of equal importance is the support network of like-minded business owners who are always willing to share their expertise. As a woman, I am often in the minority at networking meetings, but I have never felt uncomfortable in Venture. I have always found my fellow Venture members to be professional, friendly, supportive, warm and good fun.


Jane Hogan


The Business Practice

In 2018, Phasor Maintenance's single biggest referral came through the Venture Network.


Alan Quirke


Phasor Maintenance

The Venture meetings provide a weekly injection of motivation, inspiration, insights into business trends, and solid sales leads that convert.


Members genuinely go out of their way to support each other and to offer solid business connections that add huge value. Many members have also formed mutually beneficial lucrative alliances.The bottom line is that Venture delivers on our bottom line - and it’s great craic working with other motivated and focused professionals!”


Annette Kinne


Andec Comminications

In January 2019, Clear Connections billed over €14k in recurring revenue through direct or indirect Venture referrals.


“I have been an active member of Venture for over 11 years. For me the key to Venture is the quality and warmth of the introductions received from fellow members. This is clearly why nearly 1 in 2 connections received turn into new business. This is the main reason I am still a venture member 11 years on”


Brian Murphy


Clear connections

Last year, we generated almost 90% of our business through Venture connections.


Gerard Tannam


Islandbridge Brand Direction

Our first referral through Venture has generated sales in excess of €125k.


With Venture Business Network you meet weekly so you’re meeting the same people with the same mind set and the same interests. You trust the people within the network and they trust you. Ireland is built on relationships so where better to start your relationships than Venture. There is great satisfaction is being able to help someone on a personal or business level. With Venture you will get that satisfaction in abundance.


Ronnie Flemming


SSG Group

I have benefitted from the support of the high quality people in the network and I have received excellent referrals.


I highly recommend Venture as an exceptional support group for all types of business”


Billy Whelan


Whelan Life & Pensions

Joining Venture has been hugely beneficial both to me personally and to my business.


I have developed extremely valuable contacts and indeed clients directly through Venture.


Michael Crowley


Patrick F. O’Reilly & Co. Solicitors

Adventures in Venture

Venture isn’t just about working hard. We also enjoy exciting challenges outside of the world of commerce. In addition to social get-togethers, each year we nominate a charity and run a variety of events in support. These events have included: casino nights, hiking in Wicklow and golf. Some of our activities together, have been pretty exhilarating such as sky-diving and adventure trips abroad. Some of our members have even climbed Kilimanjaro together. All in the spirit of AdVenture.

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"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success"


Henry Ford, Founder Ford Motor Company