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Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.

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What is Venture ?


We are a dynamic community of business owners and leaders who share our knowledge and connections to support one another in the development of more successful businesses. Through trusted relationships, members generate leads for one another which create €millions worth of new business.

What can Venture do for you ?


Venture empowers the performance of your business by providing both a fertile networking environment for referrals and by surrounding you with a team of experts who can help to enhance your business. If you are gearing up for growth, Venture is for you.

Try Venture for yourself.


Visitors are always welcome to come along and experience how we work together. There is no charge to attend as our guest and there is no commitment required.  So why not come along to a meeting?

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What can our Top 5 system do for you?

The secret to your future success is our targeted TOP 5 System.


Over the last 10 years, Venture groups have averaged a conversion rate in excess of 40%. That means, for every ten introductions our members make for each other, at least 4 will become new clients.


Now that is impressive !


At Venture Meetings We Join Forces.


No one can grow a successful business or take on an epic challenge solo. It would be a lonely and ill-fated place to be. The best way to empower performance on your business journey is by building a network of trusted business contacts. In Venture, you will be in the company of business people from a variety of professions such as solicitors, accountants, architects and marketeers.  Meet your ‘unofficial board of directors’.


Your Board of Directors

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So what happens at a Venture meeting?


Venture meetings are lively, engaging, enjoyable and effective. Our meetings open with an informal social coffee and catch-up. We begin our 90 minute meeting by affording each member with an opportunity to introduce their business. Our meeting facilitator follows a set agenda and chairs the meeting from start to closure. Each week, one member will deliver a showcase presentation to the group. Following that, we discuss the commercial successes achieved since the previous meeting. Finally, as a team, we work through the TOP5 system to refer one another to new potential clients. A lot happens in 90 minutes and it is always an energising and empowering experience.


Venture meetings create opportunities

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